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Woman Hospitalized Due to Broken Heart Syndrome

A woman was hospitalized due to “broken heart syndrome” after consuming a “large amount” of wasabi that she thought was avocado.

The story of the unnamed, 60-year-old lady was detailed in a new volume of the medical journal Reports. The article, titled “Can sushi break your heart?” mentioned the lady was at a wedding in Israel when the accident occurred.

She reportedly consumed a “large amount” of the spicy wasabi paste, thinking it was a mild, avocado-based dip. Within minutes, the lady felt a “sudden pressure” in her chest, which then spread to her arms.

That wasn’t sufficient to convince her to leave the ceremony, although, and she endured the pain for several hours. The pain even began to die down by the end of the evening, so it wasn’t until the following day when she woke up feeling oddly weak that she sought medical attention.

Doctors diagnosed her with “broken heart syndrome,” a term that applies to people who experience symptoms much like a heart attack following physical or emotional distress.

The condition, which is technically known as takotsubo cardiomyopathy, usually affects women aged 58 to 75. Along with physical causes, “broken heart syndrome” will also be brought on by life-altering events such as financial loss, car accidents or after receiving bad news.