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The Last Farewell Bid To Opportunity

You have been born in a lab, in a clean room, surrounded by those that beloved you and made you and those that worked so challenging to write each line of code and each screw that went into your making. You have been their likelihood at one thing unbelievable.

Collectively together with your twin, you left the Earth and arrived on Mars on Jan. 4, 2004 — rising onto a brand new world and the final one you’d ever know. You have been constructed for science, built to seek for the unknown and reply questions that humanity had been asking for hundreds of years.

It was your likelihood to make historical past. The mission was deliberate for 90 days. That’s all. Simply 90. And now, more significant than 5,000 days later, the tip has come. It’s time to say so lengthily. To say that you’ll be missed. That is our probability to say thanks.

In your 15 years on Mars, you expanded our view of what the historical past of Mars may very well be. You discovered indicators of water, and mysterious meteors, and glossy “blueberries.” You gave us the first temperature profile of the Martian environment and helped refine our data of Martian geology. Briefly, you modified our view of the world — each yours and people’.

Touring over 45 kilometers, you noticed horizons and views that no individual might ever see once more. You saw planetary mud storms come and go. You watched lunar eclipses and transits that have been solely imagined earlier than your cameras set lens on them. You noticed Mars with the eyes of an explorer and scientist and let all of humanity see with these eyes as nicely.

However now, right here we’re — on the finish, the place all robots and most fortunate individuals find yourself. A sandstorm got here and coated you up and your batteries drained, and at midnight and the chilly, you met your destiny in silence. That sounds unhappy once you write it out; however, that’s the mission. To reach and search and study after which to cease. Each mission ends. It’s what you do earlier than the tip that makes historical past. And also you made it.