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Mark Zuckerberg Taking Interest in ‘Orion’ Smart Glasses

Mark Zuckerberg telegraphed Facebook’s interest in AR smart glasses at the company’s 2016 developer conference. A brand new report at present reveals some particulars about Facebook’s “Orion” project and a possible time-frame.

Based on the news report, Facebook’s glasses are internally codenamed “Orion.” Which is named after the hunter in Greek mythology, the project is being developed by Facebook Actuality Labs which subsumed Regina Dugan’s Building eight skunkworks group in Redmond, Washington.

The social network needs the device to replace smartphones, with a small screen letting users take calls, Livestream to associates, and present other information.

User input can be handled by a voice assistant that’s being developed by the same team. Facebook has additionally experimented on a “ring device” codenamed “Agios” that makes use of a motion sensor to provide users another entry method.

Based on at present’s report, Facebook has “struggled” to miniaturize “the device into a typical factor that consumers will discover appealing.” the news report also revealed a partnership with Luxottica, which owns several eyewear brands, to help development.

Facebook is reportedly targeting sometime between 2023 and 2025 to have smart glasses prepared for shoppers; however, there’s in the end “no guarantee.” That stated, Zuckerberg instructed Facebook hardware head Andrew Bosworth to prioritize development.