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Live Animal in Garbage Bag- Rescued by Sanitation Employee

A sanitation employee in Alberta rescued a skunk he discovered inside a discarded wildlife entice that had been positioned in a rubbish bag. Marc Sinclair, a sanitation employee in Red Deer, captured video Dec. 20 when he seemed inside a rubbish bag and located the caged skunk still alive. “I grabbed a selected bag, and it felt like there was a cage in it. So I threw it within the truck, as individuals put away cages on a regular basis, but it surely simply felt slightly improper, so I made a decision to investigate,” Sinclair informed the Red Deer Advocate. “So I tore the bag open, and it turned out the skunk was alive and scared and freaked out,” he mentioned. “It wasn’t making noise or something.”

Sinclair, who stated it was the primary time he had ever discovered a live animal within the trash, mentioned he determined to set the skunk free. “To be crushed slowly and suffocated within the rubbish truck is extremely, inhumane and brutal and that was not cool,” he mentioned. The employee mentioned he reported the incident to constitutional animal services authorities. Marilyn Moore, the waste diversion specialist with the City of Red Deer, stated Sinclair did the correct thing.