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A Shot a Time Keeps the Flu Away

Medical professionals are hoping this can be a better year coming after one of many deadliest flu seasons ever. Doctors are urging sufferers to play it protected and take precautions. Scott Crawford is a doctor assistant at Sacred Heart Urgent Care. “Similar to hurricane season now could be the time to organize earlier than it hits,” Crawford mentioned.

Crawford mentioned the earlier you get the flu shot it is better since it takes a couple of weeks for the vaccine to get absorbed in your system. It would additionally assist hold these at-threat teams healthy. “The flu vaccine often is about 30 to 70 % efficient in stopping the flu in any given season,” he stated. Jim Longsworth and his grandson, Amon, know what to do to maintain good hygiene. “Colds and flu shots, I all the time get a flu shot yearly. That is on the high of my checklist,” Jim mentioned.

Others, like Madeline Childress, and her brother Parker didn’t even give it some thought. “I am in faculty, so I have to take the initiative to go do this,” she stated. Crawford mentioned even in the event you determine to not get a flu shot, at all times bear in mind to drink plenty of water and wash your arms. It’s one thing Jacob Miller is instructing his little sister. “Simply common sense – blow your nostril, blow it in a serviette, do not use your palms, as a result of I’ve to inform my sister to do this all the time. She is four years previous, so we’re attempting to show her younger,” Miller mentioned. Crawford stated the aged and kids ought to be necessarily the most involved. Nonetheless, he’s optimistic the vaccine shall be simpler.